The CJR Engine Room

Welcome to the CJR Engine Room

We have the knowledge to build and assemble reliable components into tire-shredding ethanol-devouring monsters beyond 1500 horsepower. 

That is simply fact, no grandstanding, reliable and powerful and we back it up with the dyno sheets.  We offer services for almost all engine types and provide specific development for LS Based, Coyote, 2JZ, K24, and many more popular racing engines. 

We are EXPERTS in Turbocharging and Supercharging, Nitrous Oxide and Electronic Fuel Injection applications with Gasoline or Ethanol fuels.  We can convert NA to EFI, NA to Turbo/EFI or any other configuration your race car needs.  

We take making power seriously and we respect your investment by delivering the highest power to price value possible.