Radium RACE SAFE Fuel Cells - for Gas or E85

$ 1,472.09


Constructed to rigid Fuel Safe Standards, Radium Race Safe Cells offer a cost effective way to have a proper in-tank pump and multi-fuel solution at a reasonable cost.  

Compatible with all types of fuel (including popular alcohol blends such as ethanol). They feature a molded plastic bladder for those that are looking for a cost efficient cell and do not require a certified bladder. These tanks feature the FCST Surge Tank and multiple pump options to supply your racer with all the fuel it can ever need.  Pumps and bladders for Gasoline or E85 Ethanol fuels are optional. This complete system combines a competition-grade fuel cell with Radium's innovative Fuel Cell Surge Tank. The fuel cell comes fully assembled and pressure tested.

To configure a system follow these steps:

  1. Select the fuel cell gallon size.
  2. Configure the surge tank pumps.
  3. Pick optional fill neck.
  • 10 gal, 25.625" x 10.125" x 10.125"
  • 12 gal, 20.750" x 17.875" x 9.500"
  • 15 and 22 Gallon tanks are also available

Be sure and ask us about our Discounts, available when Fuel Lines and Fittings are purchased together with a Radium Fuel Cell.